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This blog is still alive.

It has been a harsh couple of years for me, lots of things happening in life.

  1. I moved again because the landlord sold the whole block, 1 month notice.
  2. Family member was seriously ill.
  3. I changed my job, to a different position.
  4. I gets old, especially physically.

I spend much less time on social, physically and virtually, most of the time I felt so tired after work I would rather sit there doing nothing.

But after all, I am still here, the blog is still under me, I have not abandon it, just can’t get the hype up to update.

I would still love to update this blog, when I can, lets hope I do so.

No I havn’t abandon my blog, no really.

It has been a tough few months here, work, life, what is happening….

I actually wasn’t as active as I used to online, nor twitter nor Google Plus, too much to worry, too much to do, too less time.

Anyway I will now focusing back on my blog, posting many “in the drafts” post, especially technical post about hacks, Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects I did.

Stay tune.

Weblog was down

I was using Google Pagespeed and never notice it stop working, and site was down…

Nope, I didn’t abandon my weblog, just less updated…


I am still alive…

Hum..Nope I haven’t abandon my blog,.it was just live and work, they were going well…

Too much to do, too less time….:)

I haven’t been making any post on my blog….

Well, as the title, this post does indicates that:

1. I am still alive.
2. Nope the blog has not been abandoned.
3. I am working my a** off to stay alive.
4. I promise I will do more updates, I promise..

Disabling auto post revision in wordpress.

I understand is a good idea to have revision support when the blog is maintained by multiple author, but since I am the only author of this personal blog, I would like to get the revision disabled.

Google is always quick way to find answers.

Quick adding line:
define(‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, false);
To wp-config.php will by default disable the revisions support in wordpress. (tested working on current 3.x WordPress)

Lester Chanโ€™s WordPress Plugins – How To Turn Off Post Revision In WordPress 2.6

Data from old Weblog moved.

Finally spend a bit of time to code from some XML to SQL and insert them into the current WordPress DB…
The insert wasn’t hard since I only has like 4~500 rows of post, the bad part is I lost the categories..
Anyway, shouldn’t be too hard to correct them, and is also good to renew them too..

Progress of the move…

Took a bit time to read the structure of DB for wordpress, more simple than I think of, I should be able to batch my old weblog XMLs into the DB by SQL without much trouble…

Hand full of work to be done at work….headache + a bit of fever….well….
Lets find another day to move…

Time is always against us, too much todos, too less time….

I am moving my weblog.

Hi all, I am moving my weblog, since there are quite a bit of data to be migrate, please come back soon.

Everything that has a beginning has an end…

Well well….

To be or not to be, that’s the question…..