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Congratulations to M &T

All the best…. congratulations!!!!!

Not happy….

Friend ***** was injured in an accident, I have heard that was serious but she seems to be getting well..

I am very upset about that, wish you get well soon and I will come visit you as soon as I (you) can…

I say, “Everything that has a beginning has an end, Neo.”….

In Chinese, we have an old folk saying: “There are no banquet that never ends.”

Time fly fast, finally it came to the date.

It has been an Honour to serve for all these 7 years, thanks for everything,
Whenever I am needed, I will be there.

All the best to CP.

RIP for those who lost their lives in the accident…


I just get back to Hong Kong and I heard this horrible news, RIP for those who lost their lives in the ferry accident…..

Happy Mid-autumn everyone!


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Finally started to use jQuery…

Lazy me…..I should have dev my own…

But since I would like my code more “follow-able” for others, well seems not much choices, I know my own code are not read-able at all….

Dinner 20120216

Carrots, honey bean with Potatoes in black pepper…


It has been such a long day…

Due to the little disturbance of earth quake last night, I really didn’t sleep well and can even turn my head now….

Rushed the whole day for a deadline, body really don’t like it…

I would really love to use some rest tonight…

In quite some pressure, living and work…

I currently felt quite stress out, work or life….
There is actually nothing wrong, just feeling the stress..
Lets hope things get solved out.

RIP for those ones lost their life in Christchurch quake.

May those ones who lost their life rest in peace, and those ones who was injured get well soon…..

God defend New Zealand.