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This blog is still alive.

It has been a harsh couple of years for me, lots of things happening in life.

  1. I moved again because the landlord sold the whole block, 1 month notice.
  2. Family member was seriously ill.
  3. I changed my job, to a different position.
  4. I gets old, especially physically.

I spend much less time on social, physically and virtually, most of the time I felt so tired after work I would rather sit there doing nothing.

But after all, I am still here, the blog is still under me, I have not abandon it, just can’t get the hype up to update.

I would still love to update this blog, when I can, lets hope I do so.


That’s the only way for me to buy some peace……

Almost that time of the year….

It has been a tough year for family, for me…

things are going downhill like many marbles rolling down a slope, I am very very tired, sad and frustrated..

Recently, I think of many person I met in my life, to be honest I haven’t seen them for so long, some like 2x years, tho their faces are still as fresh as the day I knew them (of coz, they should have grow old by age, but well, isn’t it a good thing they live young in my mind?)

I notice my memory of the pass days are fading, well, I get old, people all do….. so well, I would like to take the chance to write it down, before I totally forgotten to…

To the people I recently think of, no special reason, and not in order of appearance…
MY, MW, MYW, ML, SC, RC, ES, HW, FK, etc etc….

I know you guys are somewhere doing well, with happiness and joy, we came on a crossroad in our lives, I never did told you guys, thanks, I had a great time, I really did.

All the best bro M!

I know you can do it, finger cross, good luck!

Congratulations to CP and HY!

I really really am happy to hear such a good news, I can’t express my happiness for you two, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Congratulations Cousin Marc’s family.

Congratulations cousin, welcome Connor to the family!!!

Really really happy for you!!!

Is just so nice to catch up with mates!

Thanks mates CP for catching up, is so great to catch up with you, really happy to see you doing better and better!

Congratulations to L & I

I am so very very happy for you two.

Congratulation to TY and D

All the best for you two, wish I were there!

Customer services, it is very important.

Currently I felt upset about many customer services from different aspect of life, I felt that they are so below standard.

I was ordereding a Raspiberry Pi camera modules from element14, and the experience was bad, I promise myself NOT to order from them anymore.

I tried to use my previous account to login to their site with no luck (which I am so sure the login and password is correct), tried to reset password, no luck, trying to contact them by every means but result in being kick towards different department like a ball; live chat, emails, made a phone call to their CS line, the female (I do not want to use the word lady) offer no help, and not only no help is given, the tone and wording she uses was rather negative and uncomfortable to hear, I created another account try to order, and wasted 2 working day to receive a email from them saying I have to provide them a business register to make an order, a few email thru and they gave me no explanation nor help on the order.

I was upset about their service, told them to cancel my order and remove my account, and they replied something like email their another department if they can do so…

What I did was emailing them back the privacy ordinance of Hong Kong to make them remove my account.

Wasted me 2 working days on an order, another 3 to remove my personal info just because they refuse to help.

Not that related by I think that goes to the same story, I went to family dinner with family tonight, we ordered a dish which was suppose to serve with red vinegar, we asked the staff nicely can we please have that, her response was so bad and negative, which she claims she don’t know what was that, and no one told her that blah blah blah and so on, we ask another “seems higher rank” staff to help, and she order that female to bring it in, on the way of serve she keeps on nagging all the way say she don’t know things about it….

It happens quite a few times recently in my daily life.

My personal view are:

1. Customer support are bad now in Hong Kong.

2. When dealing with a customer, do not say you don’t know something, you were suppose to know; if you don’t, ask someone who does! no one cares what are your internal policy or company structure, we paid for the service, not doing your job.

3. It is hard to attract customer to your retail, it is such a great lost if a customer is buying your goods/service and the front-end blow it off, it is even worst than not having a customer came in.

4. Good CS needs training, staff do not come into the position and ready to rock and roll, and bad CS hurt your business, fired them as you should.

5. As a front-end staff, please try your nagging BEHIND customers, it won’t help what have been done, and it won’t help what you need to do, and it gets worst.