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So long…. OQO02

We have good time together, but life goes on….

Hope you get into good hands, and someone may also have great time like I did soon.

Ok, I want this too on my OQO02!

Some great user aka trf got Leopard working on his OQO02, from the video clip I think it looks real enough……

From what he post:
WIFI/BT/Sound/Power works, the only problem he has now was the display which was stuck at 800×480 due to lack of drivers (VIA), and from the video he post with full boot process, it took about 2~2.5 mins to boot…

Too bad “Embedding disabled by request”
Head to youtube and watch yourself!

OQO Model 02CF

I was very happy with my OQO 02, but there are a few point I would like it to improve.
As the very size of the OQO02, 1.8 inch 4200rpm Hitachi HDD in PATA ZIF connector was used, this is very common on UMPC now-a-days, but the trade off is it is slow, on the original settings, the HDD runs at approximate 17~18MB/seconds, have a look on the below benchtest results:

Hitachi HTC426060G8CE00

Compare to a normal 2.5 inch 7200rpm SATA HDD used in normal notebooks, well, it is really really slow…… Read more

OQO Model 02 Extended battery

Just got my extended battery for OQO Model 02, of coz, a photo before opening it up!

Back side of the packing, as the design of the OQO 02, black!

Yeah, opening!!!

Hum…. getting there!!

Yummy 9000MAH Li-ion battery!!!

A more closer look, see the descriptions.

Why is it now made in China? the standard battery is made in Taiwan!!!

A comparison on the top view.

Extended battery is really 200% in size of the Standard battery, but think of the extra juice….hum………….I think is worth it!

Ok, enough photos, lets goes back to the battery….

As I did read the kb from OQO at the knowledgebase, I remember a newly shipped battery from OQO is in something called sleep mode, took me about 60 seconds to understand what it means from New double-capacity battery does not appear to power unit. Got the battery running in no time!

The battery actually came 65% charged when I first kick started it, a funny point here is in the Vista Power Icon, it only first show 1.6 hours left when the standard battery is replaced by the extended battery, and few minutes later, it goes back to appox. 2.6 hours, thinks it is the OS getting new information from the newly plugged in battery.

As I have only got the battery for 3 hours by the time of writing, didn’t have any report yet, if you would like to know more on the battery, drop me a line in the comments and I will try reply them.

Theo and OQO02 at Singapore.

Gear I brought to Singapore, from the left:
Samsung SGH-i600, Dopod 586W, NDS Lite, OQO02.

Logmein from, I use this to remote the server at home and work.

Dopod 586W, with a local SingTel SIM card, stays connected.

Iced coffee I had for breakfast.

Won ton Noddle, hum……….. yum!

Went to Orchard Road for “Tum Cha” Lunch with families.

OQO02 in the Singapore Changi Airport.

OQO02 at the middle of South China Sea! I was viewing and editing the photos I took in the trip.

I mainly use the OQO02 with WiFi in Singapore for Email checking, remote accessing the server at home/work, viewing, editing/cropping the photos I took, and sending them right away.

I also did some GPS logging with a BT GPS device with OQO02 and a software call GPS Communicator from, a handy tool for your UMPC to work with a GPS, too bad I didn’t took any photo as I was in a car so photo taking was a bit hard…

OQO knowledge base website.

For some reason, currently when a user who is not in US trying to access their website at, user will be redirected to which shows their international resellers.

For this reason, user cannot access the knowledge base support page anymore. (We was able to visit the site before)

Some user suggest us to use a US base proxy to bypass the redirect, which I think it is too much trouble, thanks to bookmarks, I am able to access the page by, the URL still exist, OQO just redirect the main index and products page to /intl/.

If you need more info, help, details on OQOs, pay a visit, the knowledge base is very informative.

Boot Method on OQO02, what option is this?

I was trying to reinstall the OS on my OQO the other day, and I found this option in BIOS by surprise.

Looking at the “Boot Method”, Boot Sector, which make sense for Windows.

Booting by Windows CE??

Looking at the HTC Shift UMPC, which dual-boot Windows Mobile 6 Professional and Windows Vista, I wonder what this option is for? XP Emb? Windows CE.NET? Windows Mobile?

Do you know more about this?

Gamming on OQO02..

Click to enlarge
Bejeweled from Astraware on OQO02.. makes me remember good old days with PalmTC…


Astraware – Bejeweled

OQO02 Automatic Screen Rotation software.

Spending a little more time on the OQO02, and while googling around for more other users of this baby I came across a user forum called “OQOTalk” and find this great software.

What it does is it automatically rotate the screen for you as you rotate the device. (Like what the IPhone does)

Instead of the need of a Accelerometer, this software cleverly detects the rotation by the “Drop Protection” sensors in the HDD!

Have a look on the short clip I did to demo the effect! it is a bit slow on the reactions as I set the delay to .5 secs to prevent accident rotational detection.

In the related link below, you can visit the thread and download the require software, source code, just by placing the *.dll to /Windows/System32 and launch the .exe will do the work, not much setting is needed.

OQOTalk – Automatic Screen Rotation demo (look out iPhone!)

OQO Model 02 on hand!!!!

It is here on my hand NOW!!!!

Toy of the year 2007!!!

The OQO Model 02 Tablet PC Edition!
It is now on charge, lets play more when this baby get more juice!!!