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iPhone 5 on hand..

Took me 7 hours to finish the MNP and paper work……

Goodbye Smartone, and no, 3Vodafone you are NOT welcome either! 🙂

Colouring the iPhone.

Thanks to jp! (photo by @DinCooCniD from

iPhone4G, away for the meantime…

Hum…this must be the quickest time I purchase a phone and sold it..

Friend J called, a friend of his is in URGENT need of an iPhone4G, offering “ANY price” for one by tonight….

Ok, just for friend…(The price IS sure attractive, hehe…), so by now, back to the N1!

First photo from iPhone4G


iPhone4G in hand!



Remove custom sources added manually in Cydia.

I don’t know am I missing something here, for some reason I added a custom source in Cydia (If you do not know about Cydia, start to know it by Jailbreaking your iPhone 2.x, thats the only way your iPhone flies.) and I cannot seems to be able to find any way of removing the sources from UI, with normal sources listed in Cydia I can remove them in Package, but not the custom added ones, thinks programmer forgot to add the function…..and it does slow down quite a bit when loading new releases…

Ok, here comes the search and found:
edit/remove/rename the cydia.list under /etc/apt/cydia.list to something else, keep in mind you may need root/su to do so.

mv /etc/apt/cydia.list /etc/apt/cydia.list.bak

Done done.

The iPhone Trio!

On my work desk!
Fruity isn’t it?

What? USD199?

Ok, I am in!

What? you don’t know what I mean? head up

is this a dream?

VLC on iPhone, finally!

One of the reason I do not even think about iPhone is the media part, I just do not buy the idea of limited media type/stream. With the great iPhone screen and form factor, user should be able to enjoy media stream anywhere, anytime, any type.

And now the well known vid player, the VLC was finally been ported to iPhone!

Quote from iPhoneHellas:
vlc4iphone v0.9.0 new features:

– Compiled in FFmpeg!

– MANY more decoders supported, including support for XviD, h264, MPEG4, FLAC, 3GP, MP3, MPEG2, AVI, and more!

– Added volume control.

– Fixed a warning when no media is found.

– Increased the size of vlc4iphone’s binary from 5MB to 24MB!

Lots of media goodness packed inside!

One more reason for me to wait for the 3G iPhone!

– Gizmodo – VLC Media Player Now Available For iPhone and iPod Touch
– ZodTTD: Home Of Homebrew – The VLC media player brought to iPhone/iPod Touch!
– VLC media player

iPhone on hand..

Too bad it is not 3.5G, not open platform, locked SIM, locked Bluetooth, application locked (by default), no SDK (please I don’t want only AJAX), battery not change-able, too over priced, does not launch missile, cannot remote control other people, does not give the world peace……………………….chomp 300000 chars.

Or I might buy one… hehe….