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New toy of the day, RF RC buggy for iDevices by Dexim.


Thanks to workmate K, what a nice toy to play with!!

In stead of most remote toy for mobile which operates with IR, this mini buggy runs with RF, which the range is much better and does not affect by direct sights.

It comes with a Apple connector which works with iOS devices, and the controller app can be download from Appstore for free, a bit of charging up with the bundle USB adaptor, and here we go!

A bit to nag is the controller App, it is iPhone resolution only, which doesn’t look that good on the new iPad, well, it works great so it is still good to use.

Once again thanks K for the nice toy.

Getting Mobile Terminal to work on the new iPad.

Mobile Terminal is the must have tools for a iPad power user, but the Mobile Terminal binary in default Cydia store does not work in the new iPad (well it does not work under 5.1.1)

After a bit of googleing, offer some help.

Quick answer:
Add Cydia source:, enjoy their great build of Mobile Terminal.

(Hum, it would be great if I can set fonts with it since it is such a waste on the new iPad’s 2048×1536 resolution, shouldn’t ask too much as I am only enjoying others build, thanks, I know I should have compile / dev my own….)

How To: Install MobileTerminal On iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Running iOS 5.1.1

ls error on iPad2 4.3.3 jailbreaked devices

I am getting error on terminal when running ls command.

Error as below:
>ls: unrecognized prefix: hl
>ls: unparsable value for LS_COLORS environment variable

Problem is stated in Debian Bug report logs – #544871 – coreutils: ls complains about LS_COLORS: unrecognized prefix: hl, color define has been changed from hl to mh, which produced the error.

edit /etc/profile.d/
change line to: eval “$(dircolors -b | sed s/hl/mh/)”
then run: source /etc/profile.d/
ls then now works.

My wanted software list on a mobile device on 2011-June

Back in 2007, I made a post about “My wanted software list on a mobile device”, by the time those idea was as my describe, dreams, seems a good time to go for a renew on the topic in mid-2011.

First, lets compare the old list back in 2007…
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AirPlay on Windows Media Center

Since Apple Launch this AirPlay function, there had been a few approach to get them running on non-Apple devices, here is the latest approach, running it on Windows Media Center.

Direct Download:
Keep in mind, since AirPlay uses Bonjour Services, remember installing it or re-enable it if you had it turn off.

Engadget – AirPlay for Windows Media Center does exactly what you’re thinking it does
Thomas Pleasance – AirPlay for Windows Media Center – Beta 1
Sennir – Airplay for Windows Media Center

Disabling Multitasking on iPad1 running iOS4.3.3

Although I had a iPad2, but I still uses my iPad1 as my primary devices since I had so many hacks going on my Jailbreaked iPad1, it is still running good, but memory issues (256>512) is really a bottle-neck of this nice device…

By turning of the multitask which was introduced in iOS4 (Which I think Multitask on iOS is a joke, you call that “multitask”?) I am getting a very good improvements on my iPad1, which in some case, it works as fast as the iPad2…

I notice there are software in Cydia for user to disable multitask on iOS4, but since I like to put my hand on these easy task, why install an extra software, here is how I quick disable it on ,my iPad1:

I already had SSH config and running on my iPad1, so it saved me time, by editing /System/Library/CoreServices/ by nano, edit line contain multitasking from true to false, reboot then done done.

Air Video Server finally had support for AirPlay!

The latest update on client, released on 7 March 2011 and the Beta server release 2.4.5 added support for AirPlay, which can be use with AppleTV 2G!

The catch is we have to wait till 11 March 2011 for 4.3 to be released on AppleTV 2G, finger cross!

Head up to Air Video Server 2.4.5-beta for the new server, and update your AirVideo app on your iDevice to enjoy.

Updating iPad to iOS4.2GM


iOS4.2 on iPad!

Special thanks to @DinCooCniD

Apple TV 2G Jailbreaked – my log.

Took me 1 full day getting OSX 10.6 on MacMini (was on 10.4), and another 2 hours to get the Jailbreak working with PwnageTool…

But finally, yes we are in!

Here are some hints on the process..

1/. You DO NOT need power cable on ATV2G, only microUSB cable is needed, unplug the power cord.
2/. You will need the ATV2G remote to go into DFU mode, get it ready.
3/. Normal overall process is about 15mins.
4/. Follow the on screen instruction on PwnageTool to get into DFU mode, you may want to bring up log to see what is happening.
5/. The default password after Jailbreak is: alpine, change it please after you ssh in using passwd.
6/. I encounter many error 1602, thats why it took me 2 hours, it may related to I did not reboot after new install of iTune10.

Ok, I will start my hacks next.

– Get most command line apps I want to use installed by apt-get, found some interesting things on the FS…lets see how it turns out…
– A list of some useful links for ATV2G hacking.

awkwardtv – AppleTV 2 page – AppleTV 2g DFU mode
Mac Hack PC – List of links on AppleTV 2g
Mac Hack PC – How to Jailbreak Apple TV 2G with iOS 4.1 using PwnageTool
Mac Hack PC – iOS4.1.1 release seems imminent! So, Save your SHSH Blob for iOS 4.1

Jailbreak tools for AppleTV 2G released.

PwnageTool 4.1, the always favourite Jailbreak tools for iOS has been released with support for ATV2g, we already seen report and screenshot of JBed working.

Current status is:
SSH on this JB, we can now start the hack engine!

There is also a software dev company report screenshots of custom software running on the ATV2g, with software title injected to main menu of the ATV2g..

I am going to start my JB after work, will post more on the issue.

P.S. my road of jailbreak has been delay as the MacMini aside me is only on OSX10.4 which iTunes 10 require 10.5….well…

– Ubergizmo – Jailbroken Apple TV Runs Weather App
– Ubergizmo – Apple TV Jailbroken By Greenpois0n
– Free-Download-Blog – How To Jailbreak Apple TV 2G with PwnageTool 4.1 on MAC