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Lose weight by Wii-ing!

A Philadelphian in US has unloaded 9 pounds by 30 mins of Wii Sport in six week.

Hum…another great reason (excuse?) to by a Wii……..

Lose weight by playing Wii Sports –

New toy on my desk….

Slime, Slime, Slime!!!!


The making of a LEGO brick

Came across a great “The Making Of” by BusinessWeek Online.

Shouldn’t miss it if you were a “Lego Lover” (I am!) 🙂

MakeBlog – The making of a LEGO brick.
BusinessWeek Online – The Making of a LEGO Brick
BusinessWeek Online – Image Slides – The Making of a LEGO Brick

Lawsuit == Business

(Screen shot from Engadget RSS, click to enlarge)

I think is nothing new for news about some opportunist/company acting as a so call “legal bully”, where they think suing some one/some other companies makes more and easiler money than doing business….

But I really love the picture Engadget select for the story, extactly what I felt, extactly what I think!!! Gave me a big laugh for at least 60 seconds!!!

Great pic there Engadget!!! thanks!!! credits for the poster Cyrus Farivar!!!!!


Engadget – NTP sues Palm; RIM seen quietly snickering

NZ households ‘spending more on sweets than fruit’

Quote from todays New Zealand Herald:
NZ households ‘spending more on sweets than fruit’ 4.05 pm Tuesday October 24, 2006

New Zealand households are spending more on sugary snacks than on fresh fruit, a new report says.

It seems to be same problem with most developed countries, junk food are everywhere….

But with all those great fruits in New Zealand, thats just so sad……

Miss all those Gala Apples, Kiwi Fruits and big red fresh juicy Strawberries…..

What do you think?

New Zealand Herald.

Programming for Humans…

Agent Smith: …Some believed we lacked the programming language to describe your perfect world……

Quote from The Matrix (1999)

Hum…..yeah…….we got an error…. oh yes, it never existed.
gcc -o perfect_world
collect2: ld terminated with signal 303
Segmentation Fault
ld: fatal: file *** Error code 1
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target ‘perfect_world’
Why did I took the blue pill?

Google Maps and big Bug!

A 53 Metres long gaint bug has been spoted on Google Map.

Click to enlarge
Well…..(Alians? MIB?)

See it yourself!

Or search “48.857734,10.204968” on your Google Earth…..

Blog news channel – Google Maps Spots Giant Bug Terrorizing Germany

Wasn’t that so politically correct right?

Screen capture from Ming Pao Instant news.

AeroGrow – Grow your own Fresh Salad!

Saw this over The Make:Blog.
Grow your own salad – AeroGardens
“The AeorGarden was quick to assemble, easy to plant, and looks great anywhere in the house.” from Rainy Day Garden.

Head to RainyDayGarden to see the AeroGarden Updates!

Hum, don’t do it, you have been told…