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Happy Mid-autumn everyone!


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Trip to Lantau Island – 20070630

On the last day of June 2007, I went to Lantau island for a few days off in the holiday, thinks sometimes you just have to “unplug” from the busy city life in HK..

Day 1
Weather wasn’t very good on the 30, raining almost half of the day, and I have to work in the morning anyway, so we start the trip on appox 4~5:00pm..

First thing we did after settle down in the little Inn, of coz dinnering! eatting is very important for an holiday isn’t it?

We went to a restaurant call “Tat Chai Kee”, food were just great!

南乳蓮藕炒鹹肉 (Fried Lotus root with pork, in “Nam Yu” Source)

大蝦炒蛋 (Fried large shrimp with egg)
This is a must try in the restaurant, Shrimp are large and fresh and tasty, the egg is just cooked in correct timing, not too long, not too short, great value and taste at HK$48!

椒鹽瀨尿蝦 (Fried Mantis Shrimp with salt and pepper)
The weakest Link……not very fresh, and over-salted….and most expensive….$HK60, well………

白飯 (Steam Rice)
As a Chinese, rice is very important for a meal! hehe..

嘉士伯瓶裝 (Carlsberg Beer)
Iced Carlsberg, possibly the best beer in the world!!!!!!!!!

A black cat went past us, and then another that looked just like it!

Day 2
On the second day, weather turns great!
We spend the early afternoon walking on main street of Mui Woo, and find a little cafe selling nice Vietnam style noodles and food!

Salad in Vietnamese style, the Vegetable are fresh, and the mix is good, nothing better than salad in Summer!

Rice Noodle and Pork Chop in Vietnam style, remember I used to order this all the time when I was back in New Zealand…. good old days….

So we went to the beach for some sunshine, catching little fish and crabs, and spend the afternoon….(Sorry no photos….. I really don’t enjoy sand in my Contax….)

We have BBQ at night for dinner, it was fun!!!

BBQ Fresh mushrooms, hum, mushrooms…………..(No not THOSE mushrooms, hehehe, they do not gives you magic!!!)

utp style bake pack, it is actually what I used to made by oven when I was in NZ, remeber master utp and brother utp loves it..

Capsicums in Red, Yellow and Green wrap with Chicken wings (used to do chicken filet, easiler to cook) in Aluminium foil, little bit salt and pepper, all the great taste trapped inside the wrap, chicken souce and juice from capsicums mixed, especially when you open the wrap up, the smell of it is just great!

Day 3
The last day of holiday, we slept a little bit more, headed for a simple lunch.. Forget about what I had, it was just something to feed you up…but at least, a cup of iced coffee and a place to check my email..

Too bad no supoprt of HSPDA in Mui Woo area…

OQO-ing with wireless network everywhere is just great.

We went to the big Buddha and 昂平360
(Ngong Ping 360), as honestly I have never been there, and we would also like to show some support to shops in the Ngong Ping 360 due to the BS Skyrail Saga.

The Big Buddha, I didn’t spend the time to get on, you see the stairs???

心經簡林 (The Wisdom Path)

Funny thing happens, I was known to be “Rainny Kind” since I was small, that is, no matter where and when I went pinic, it RAINS! HEAVILY!

I was having a joke with master utp about our trip, it wasn’t that bad isn’t it? at least weather is OK this time, then here it comes, within 3 minutes, the sky turns black, fog from the hill are blown to our feet. then we have a big big shower for 45 mins…..
Ok, I have heard you, yeah I got your lesson! Mr. Sky….. hehe
(Sorry, no photo, we can’t even hold our umbellar)

Then we took bus from the Ngong Ping 360 back to Tung Chun, where we ended our holiday!

It was a nice holiday, I have my time of silent I needed, food was great, it was just fun!

Coke Zero…..hum……..yum….

Click to enlarge

Hum……..It does taste alright…
Better than I thought, and way way better than coke light!!!

Alex: You. What was the last suggestion you made to your boss?
Red Star Systems Techie: I said the coke machine should be free.
Alex: Why?
Red Star Systems Techie: Because caffeine helps us program.

Quote from Charlie’s Angels (2000)

Coca-Cola Zero – Wikipedia

In Pattaya, Thailand!

Man this is great!
Think of mate B, wish you were here, Sun shine and the beach!

What could be better than this?


Stay connected, in Bangkok.

Thanks PUMBer Pauz, he posted full details on getting GPRS in Bangkok.

Follow his post, I purchased an AIS One-All-Call SIM Card (250 Thai baht, about USD6) in the 7-11, suprisingly seems GPRS is now in promotion, 3000 mins free GPRS is given for a new card! (I think this is targeting tourist like me to buy them while traveling Thailand)

Inserting the SIM to my Treo, done done, network setting has already been set by the SIM.

Stay connected is just so good!

Treo650 at Lau Fau Shan

I just love my Treo650, a GOOD 300000 (0.3M) Pixel camera isn’t that bad after all isn’t it?

Shots taken by Treo650 Blue version with Sepia Effect at Lau Fau Shan, Hong Kong.

Click Image to enlarge

Photos on Ping Chau Island

It was a nice day out, I just need it.

Came to a suprise yesterday we are going to this trip, didn’t get anything ready, but I think this make the trip more fun!
Ping Chau, as know as East Ping Chau, I am suprise to know that there is still such a nice, clean and quite place in Hong Kong, I must visit there again, I promise.

This is one of my favorite photo of the day, please have a look……

R, wish you were here……

Quote of the week:
5 more days to go, Where do you want to go on the day?

Tom Yum Goon, hum………

Altho it was still rainning heavily today, but I still went to movie with R today.

We saw the movie from Thai Actor Mr. Tony Jaa, the movie name is Tom Yum Goon.

I am not very suprise to see a simular story to his last movie, but suprise to see the movie was taken in Sydney, which lots of places in the movie are so familar to me….

Time in Sydney was good times………..

It also reminds me of friend Nook, hi there, how was live in AUS?

Luckily, R seems to be very happy with the movie, I was worry she may found it a little bit too much action, but seems it was due to the “Post-Seven Sword Movie Syndrome”, I think she would find ANY movie good, anyway the 2.5 hours version Seven Sword played in HK cinema was horrible…..

Oh yes, Tom Yum Goon, Yum………Feel like a bowl….