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AirPlay on Windows Media Center

Since Apple Launch this AirPlay function, there had been a few approach to get them running on non-Apple devices, here is the latest approach, running it on Windows Media Center.

Direct Download:
Keep in mind, since AirPlay uses Bonjour Services, remember installing it or re-enable it if you had it turn off.

Engadget – AirPlay for Windows Media Center does exactly what you’re thinking it does
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Air Video Server finally had support for AirPlay!

The latest update on client, released on 7 March 2011 and the Beta server release 2.4.5 added support for AirPlay, which can be use with AppleTV 2G!

The catch is we have to wait till 11 March 2011 for 4.3 to be released on AppleTV 2G, finger cross!

Head up to Air Video Server 2.4.5-beta for the new server, and update your AirVideo app on your iDevice to enjoy.

AppleTV 2G 4.2 Jailbreak in progress..

Done! I am in!

Apple TV 2G Jailbreaked – my log.

Took me 1 full day getting OSX 10.6 on MacMini (was on 10.4), and another 2 hours to get the Jailbreak working with PwnageTool…

But finally, yes we are in!

Here are some hints on the process..

1/. You DO NOT need power cable on ATV2G, only microUSB cable is needed, unplug the power cord.
2/. You will need the ATV2G remote to go into DFU mode, get it ready.
3/. Normal overall process is about 15mins.
4/. Follow the on screen instruction on PwnageTool to get into DFU mode, you may want to bring up log to see what is happening.
5/. The default password after Jailbreak is: alpine, change it please after you ssh in using passwd.
6/. I encounter many error 1602, thats why it took me 2 hours, it may related to I did not reboot after new install of iTune10.

Ok, I will start my hacks next.

– Get most command line apps I want to use installed by apt-get, found some interesting things on the FS…lets see how it turns out…
– A list of some useful links for ATV2G hacking.

awkwardtv – AppleTV 2 page – AppleTV 2g DFU mode
Mac Hack PC – List of links on AppleTV 2g
Mac Hack PC – How to Jailbreak Apple TV 2G with iOS 4.1 using PwnageTool
Mac Hack PC – iOS4.1.1 release seems imminent! So, Save your SHSH Blob for iOS 4.1

Jailbreak tools for AppleTV 2G released.

PwnageTool 4.1, the always favourite Jailbreak tools for iOS has been released with support for ATV2g, we already seen report and screenshot of JBed working.

Current status is:
SSH on this JB, we can now start the hack engine!

There is also a software dev company report screenshots of custom software running on the ATV2g, with software title injected to main menu of the ATV2g..

I am going to start my JB after work, will post more on the issue.

P.S. my road of jailbreak has been delay as the MacMini aside me is only on OSX10.4 which iTunes 10 require 10.5….well…

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Apple TV 2010 – current status.

Have been using the Apple TV 2nd gen. 2010 for a while, here is what my experience..

I suggest the ATV is just like iProducts, yet another i-Product that Apple didn’t spend/have enough time to test it before the product launch.

1/. Since it only has optical audio output (no 3.5mm nor composite Audio), all audio related output will depend on HDMI port, there is NO WAY of turning off the display when streaming Audio from the iTunes. (for whatsoever reason, power save, screen life etc…), there is only screensaver function on ATV, no screen off after a period, and you cannot turn off the display device either because the Audio output depends on that.

2/. I am having a problem with Audio volume that some of the Movie/Youtube clips/Movie Trailers have different Audio level, there is no normalizer, and basically no way of changing them with the ATV remote, you just cannot expect users to put the ATV Remote down and get yet another remote to do simple volume up/down/mute right?

3/. Video streaming is as raw as can be, I know iTunes only do MP4s, but no SRT/SUB support on streaming like all other player, example AirVideo on i-Devices.

4/. iTunes really needs more work to get better user experiences for user to enjoy ATV, I know iTunes is as suck as before, but at least can Apple please get their focus back to the basic functions instead of dreaming to get a piece of social networking pie? (Ping? we already has Twitter, Buzz, Facebook….chomp 2^1024 other open options.)

Still, I think ATV is a very good idea, well designed piece of hardware, I am sure if Jailbreak communities get more progress or Apple gets the AppStore for it (if ever) we should be able to do way more cool functions on this cool little box.

Apple TV 2010 Jailbreak by limera1n.

It was known that Jailbreak was possible (I remember someone report PwnageTools works on JB-ing ATV on pre-patched firmware)
Now limera1n is known by reports from users that DOES JB the ATV.

Not so excited yet tho, since no OpenSSH nor APT works “yet”, there is not much room for hacking yet….
Since one cannot “install” nor “execute” any Apps on the ATV now.

A bit of corrections, yes there are way to “install” apps on ATV even now, but since there is no Springboard (Launcher Like) UI, and there is no SSH yet, there is no way of executing the application yet..
But since the hard part has been passed (JB), hopes are high and I think that should be just around the corner… (I want lighttpd+PHP+Perl+SQLite and AirVideo on ATV!!!)

– TUAW – limera1n jailbreak released, greenpois0n jailbreak delayed
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First session with the Apple TV 2010.

Busy work today, so I can only took a little bit time off after office hour to test out my new toy.

Hardware setup was simple, HDMI, Power Cable in, display on, done done.

First setup was easy, ATV asked me about Language, English it is, connecting var Wifi, found router at work by itself, entered WPA2 password done done.

UI was simple, main menu was categorised in Movies, Internet, Computer, Settings.

Movies: with the default setup, I can view trailers for movies.
Internet: Youtube and others, tested out a few youtube clips, a little bit disappointed with the quality of playback, not Apple TV’s fault, never watched youtube on a 32inch display and I think it is what it should looks like, I then signed in my youtube account, played a few playlist with ease, happy about it.
Computer: Updated my iTunes at work to 10.x (latest), turned on home sharing, I was able to stream my music, photos and video to the ATV.
Settings: Didn’t went thru all of the settings yet.

There is a network problem at work that firewall acts very funny with traffics, I am having trouble on getting home sharing to work smoothly, not ATV’s fault, this network problem was known for a while, a little bit disappointed with quality on some of the streams, but I think it shall improve by time since most of our clips are not on HD (720p) yet (I have LOTS of HD at home, not at work)

While playing back a 60 mins 1080i h264 VBR clips, I have an unexpected reboot while 3X fast forwarding the clip, the ATV just when blank with no signal and reboot itself, it went up quick after the reboot, I suspect it was problem of the clip since it was VBR and compressed in a strange way, and honest 3X playback with my click click click over the remote…well..

One thing to point out is input by the remote was a joke, my password are at least 14chars+, and entering that over the remote was ar……what world is it now? shall we connect a Bluetooth Keyboard to it? (never took the time to read specs. on this issue, was it possible?)

Overall experience:
Fair to Good.

I have yet to update my iPad to OS4.2 for the AirPlay function, and with Jailbreak possibility, I am really looking forward to this baby!

AppleTV on hand.

Thanks to @waterlou for the hand on ordering, yes this little box arrived!

Can’t wait getting it up….

Will post more when I start it up.

Apple TV 2010 will run iOS.

As expected, good sign to see more info. pop-ing up for confirmations.
13 days to go Oct. when does Apple starts to ships?

I can’t wait putting my hacking skill on this sweet box.

AppleTV Will Run iOS, Might Be Jailbreakable – CrunchGear