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N9005 Note3 LTE 4G not enabled.

I have gone AOSP on the device recently, tho too busy to do much tweak, suddenly found that LTE was not enabled and it is not available on settings…(only 3G and 2G on prefered network)

A bit of Googling helps.

Dial *#*#4636#*#* and select LTE, then turn off Radio, reenable Radio and it is back with LTE, sweet.


ARMania – my ARM based devices.

Recently I have obtained different ARM based hardware for different usage / reasons, it always interested at these boards for different usages, and recently thanks to mates and friends, I have the chance and time to finally put some effort to it to do what I want.

Here are a few idea I would like to make use of these board.

  1.  A DVB-TH streaming server.
      I do own a slingbox, but the idea of a native app + extra cost on every client + the price of the slingbox isn’t something that interested me, what I would like to do is a HTML5 based DVB-TH streaming service, which I can stream DVB content to my devices in browser with HTML5.
  2. A home server monitor system.
      I recently am into Arduino, I would like to build a Web base sensors, video, sound system with it, which I can log example temperature, noise level, and some basic home automation with it.
  3. A old console emulator.
      I have been wanted to do this for long, who doesn’t love to play Mario Brothers now??

I have a different sets of devices on hand to do all of the above, but which goes which and which does the best?

Android device MK802

1200MHz CPU 1000MB RAM

This is an Android device which also support Ubuntu Linux 12.04 from the TF Card slot, honest currently it is very limited early build, I did try to run a few console emulator on Android port, too bad the speed wasn’t really up to my standard (<30fps), and there isn’t a big difference (A bit better) for emulators on Linux port, maybe due to lack of OpenGL and poor GFX drivers, I do have higher hope on this device since its higher CPU clock speed and more memory, I suggest it should get better when a better build of Android / Linux is being developed.

Raspberry Pi

ARM1176JZF-S 700 MHz CPU 256MB RAM

Just got it today in the morning, I think I will try idea 1 and 3.

TP-Link WR703N

Atheros AR7240 CPU (400Mhz) 32MB RAM

This device was meant to be a wireless router with a USB port, with custom firmware thanks to team openwrt, I was able to get basic DVB-TH streaming by mumudvb (no transcoding due to limited CPU resources and memory) with a custom build of openwrt, and I think this should be prefect for my idea 3, A home server system with Arduinos, USB webcam and so on because of its low power consuming.

The hard part on getting work done on WR703N was the OS, openwrt is not full linux, and I do have to go all way round to compile the whole build in order to get extra drivers and app support, compare to the above 2 which many apps / solutions has already been done and ready to use by apt-get install.

With all current test, to my surprise which turns out the old console emulation was the part which all these 3 devices didn’t handle that well (which mainly because poor GFX and CPU processing power and drivers support), and if transcoding is needed on DVB streaming, more processing power shall be needed, which leaves me to think of fall back to ATOM base x86 solutions.

Asus Transformer Prime on hand.


Thanks to ac, he is the man!!!

Google TV – The Logitech Revue in hand!

Actually, it is nothing “New” consider it was released quite a while back, but currently the price just got to a “Fair” range, lets see what I could do with it!!!

Not Google TV, but an Android TV..

A famous local HDTV set top / PVR box manufacturer has done it, a build in 42 inch LCD full HD TV with Android 2.2 build in!

Model number 8TV4233, featuring 42 inch 50000:1, 1080p, RGB, VGA, HDMI in X4, USB X 2, DVB-T decode, PVR and the most important, Android OS!!! (Too bad it is on 2.2, I wonder what solution it is gonna use, lets ROOT+OC+Whatsoever it, if source code were EVER released…)

As advertised, the main sale point of this device is the build in browser for Internet browsing with Flash support.
TVB, the leading local TV station, provide TV shows ondemand services by, which uses Flash + encrypted H264 to serve TV Shows, which iOS is missing, there should be a fair amount of users who would like this on a TV.

No word on price or release date yet, but I sure I am interested…

Eight Group – Spec PDF (8TV4233)
Eight Group – Product page 8TV4233

Good tips and tricks about Samsung Galaxy S II

Saw this post over at android forum, very good to read just in case you forgot or don’t know.

If you are yet another 3 million SGS2 owner/user in these 55 days, it sure is a worth to read.

Android Forum – Tips n Tricks thread.

My wanted software list on a mobile device on 2011-June

Back in 2007, I made a post about “My wanted software list on a mobile device”, by the time those idea was as my describe, dreams, seems a good time to go for a renew on the topic in mid-2011.

First, lets compare the old list back in 2007…
Read more

Mercury soft case for LG-P990

Yeah!! Red is good, this colour red reminds me of the lipstick from the lady in red…hehe


My current Gadget connections – 2011 March

Many people asked me how do I use my gadgets, and I think is good to keep a list on how I currently using them.

LG P990 Optimus 2X

Toy of 2011, dual-core tegra 2 is just simply FAST!! can’t wait till more developing/hack are on it.

Apple iPad 16GB WiFi

Mainly used for viewing content, heavily used for PDF magazines, comics, books and user guide, video watching by AirVideo, obtained in 2010, thanks to cousin MY from US.

Canon Powershot S95

Since I mainly took photos indoor and at night, the S95 is very very nicely served here, obtained in 2010.

Sony PlayStation Eye

By using drivers from Code Laboratories, I install the eye as a webcam at home, with the software Yawcam, it will take shots at certain time period (used to do motion detection, but I disabled it as master do not like it), which I can monitor anywhere, obtained 2010.

Canon Canonscan N670U

I have a habit of scanning all mail, invoices to PDFs for archiving and warranty use, with the web code I developed I do easily scan them when I arrived home with my iPad or Android, obtained back in 2009 thanks to cousin who needs upgrade to all in one scanner/printer.

Polaroid Pogo Instant Mobile printer

Toy of 2011, is fun to print the photos I took by Bluetooth on the road! family meetups and holiday with Master must have!


My main A2DP headset, I mainly used the Audio part of it since I do not much enjoy talking with a headset, but I do enjoy the quality of the music it stream, obtained back in 2007, introduced by mate SS.

Holux M-241 Wireless GPS Logger

I just love keeping track logs of my travel, the reason I choose this GPS is because it support connection by Bluetooth, or it can work as a stand-alone Logger which powered by AAA battery, which I can easily get any time even I am on the trip, obtained back in 2007.


iPad Camera Connection Kit

Copying Photos I took to the iPad, I mainly use this as a “viewer” for family meeting, the larger iPad display is good for sharing, emailing, twitting in family meetings.

EyeFi 4GB Connect X2

I setup my Android device to Copy the photos I took from S95, edit/tweet/email them on the road, and by using software Dropin, all photos will be automatically sync when WiFi is connected to my Dropbox.


My wireless Router, connects everything at home, running DDWrt of coz, the main reason I choose this wireless router is its USB port and ddwrt firmware, which I still do not have the time to play-around with it, yet.

Software – AirVideo (iOS)

it stream my collections of downloaded movies, amine and my recorded TV shows to my iPad, it is just nice to be able to watch shows I wanted on bed..

Software – Dropbox (iOS, Android, Win32)

Heavily used service, sync my files all time at work/mobile/home/servers.

Software – Dropin (Android)
I use this software to synchronize my photos on my Android device to a Dropbox selected folder, it simply works even with settings like only sync when on WiFi, the only improvement UI would like to see was only syncing my selected folder instead of all photos in Gallery apps and sync my selected folder too (comment submitted, waiting developer to give it the little touch)

Software – Eyefi droid (Android)
I use this software to copy photos from my camera to my Android device by WiFi, this software seems abandoned by its developer, I have seen problem on different cases using it on different device, but lucky it works smoothly on my N1 and 2X, if you are having problem, try moPhotos from the market, it works too for like $.99.

Software – DVBViewer (Win32)

As mention earlier post, I was having hard time on it, but at least I got it working, I really miss the tradition broadcasting time, which I used my own toolchain to do recordings, much more reliable!

Software – Google Earth (Win32)
I keep most logs of where I travel, view and backup them as KML by Google Earth.

My developed software
zipped jpg2pdf (Perl)
Since most of the comics we download from the internet is in zipped jpg/png format, which is not optimized for reading on iPad, by imagemagick, perl (image:size) and pdftk I developed this script to resize, align, crop, auto contrast the downloaded zip into a PDF.

Photo/File import by Dropbox (Perl)
I developed these script to help me automatically copy/move my files in dropbox to my local storage system for archive reason, or my dropbox account would surely be oversized in few days.

KML log clean up (Perl)
I setup my GPS Logger to log every seconds to improve accuracy, but sometimes the log gets messy with too much noise, this script cleans them up if I stay at a certain position for a pre-setted time frame.

Scanning TWAIN by web interface (Web/CGI/JSON/HTML)
Since my computer setup at home was different from normal users, I will have to get up and move to the scanner, place my scan and walk back to my keyboard and mouse for scans, which I do not like (3 second of life wasted…), so I developed this server-side scanning code.

A Home monitor/control web system (Web)
Control my main computer, monitoring home status

Secondary Backup:
Google Nexus One

My Toy of 2010, thanks to Google Inc, it was given as a gift back in 2010 Devconf, I sure did enjoy it, and sure did “promote” Android for them. 🙂

iTech Clip 802

it was sitting on my bench for a while, the main issue why was it sitting there was charging, it uses a “not that normal” USB cable for charging, which I had to carry them to work or home, well, new hack is planned for it..

Sony Ericsson LiveView

it was an impulse and mistake order, haha, is good to see it first time, and honest I never get to “use” it at all…

LG HBM-700

A fun BT headset given by mate RP, I liked the idea since long ago, but do not see much device like it on the market, it is a bluetooth headset which included dialing function, which should be very good idea for those 3G enabled Tablet example Samsung Galaxy Tab out there.

That’s all I can think of, right now, I am sure I do miss some of them, but think of it if I can miss them that means I do not use them the much, at all…

Apple iPad
Apple iPad Camera connection Kit
Canon PowerShot S95
Canon CanoScan N670U
Code Laboratories
EyeFi Connect X2
Google Nexus One
Holux M-241 Wireless GPS Logger
iTech clip 802
LG HBM-700
LG P990 (aka Optimus 2X)
Polaroid Pogo Instant Mobile printer
Sony PlayStation Eye
Sony Ericsson LiveView

LG Optimus 2X – LG-P990 on hand

Charging… can’t wait to put my dirty hands on it..