About me

My name is Theo, a computer programmer.

I was first entering computing world as a Network Administrator and Engineer, focusing on Novell Netware, Linux and Windows Servers.

In late 1999, I was working in different departments in Hong Kong Telecom as a sale manager,
for my personal interest, I started programming and developed a couple apps on PalmOS for enduser and company, earning some of my educational fees.

In year 2002, I was educated in the University of Sydney for Design Science, achiving a Graduate Certifcate in Design Science in 2003.

In 2005 I started working in a hosting company, focusing on Web developing.

In 2006 I started a personal project for a news portal web system focusing mobile devices.

In 2012 I join a Finance company as Hacking officer.

Instead of “normal” computing, as my interest spread widely in the field, I do have a wide range of knowledge on Server systems, Computer systems especially Mobile platforms.

My personal skills are:

Server side: Python, Nodejs, Perl, CGI, PHP, SQL, XML, mySQL, Apache, ngnix.
Client side: JQuery, Macromedia Flash, Action Script, JavaScript, HTML4, HTML5, AJAX, XML.

I am very “width interest” on system, from Linux, Windows, MacOS, to embedded systems.

IOT System
Arduino, ESP8266, Raspberry Pi, node-red, MQTT, 433/315MHz/2.4GHz RF hacking, Bluetooth hacking,

Mobile Programming
PalmOS, PPC Smartphone Edition, Google Android, WAP, XHTML, JQuery, HTML5, etc.

Knowledge on mobile platforms
PalmOS, Windows Mobile (SE/Pro), iPhone, iPad (iOS), Symbian, Android.

I will try to add thing back here, but at the meantime, this seems to be all about me.